The Complete Book of Cheese

- Bob Brown
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_This recording was released to coincide with National Cheese Lovers’ Day 2010 in the United States._ Robert Carlton Brown (1886 – 1959), after living thirty years in as many foreign lands and enjoying countless national cheeses at the source, returned to New York and summed them all up in this book. After majoring in beer and free lunch from Milwaukee to Munich, Bob celebrated the end of Prohibition with a book called _Let There Be Beer!_ and then decided to write another about Beer’s best friend, Cheese. But first he collaborated with his mother Cora and wife Rose on _The Wine Cookbook_, still in print after nearly twenty-five years. This first manual on the subject in America paced a baker’s dozen food-and-drink books, including: _America Cooks_, _10,000 Snacks_, _Fish and Seafood_ and _The South American Cookbook_.

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Ann Poplin

Ann Poplin: I love how this book is just about cheese😂

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