Crayon and Character

- B. J. Griswold
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Giới thiệu:

CRAYON AND CHARACTER Truth Made Clear Through Eye and Ear By B.J. GRISWOLD The Plan of the Book In the preparation of this book the author has had two great plans in mind: To prepare a work which will enable any person, who can speak to a class or an audience, to give a helpful, inspiring illustrated talk; to place in the hands of parents everywhere a book to enable them to teach the children a simple, fascinating method of drawing and, at the same time make the great truths of life a part of their every-day learning. Clear instructions are given as to the method of doing these two things. Then come sixty-two complete talks of special appropriateness for Christian teaching. If you are included in the following classes of workers, the book should be of special value to you: (a) Speakers who earnestly want to give illustrated talks, but who feel that they can't draw a straight line.

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