History of the American Negro

- William Allison Sweeney
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History Of The American Negro In The Great World War His Splendid Record In The Battle Zones Of Europe By W. Allison Sweeney Contributing Editor Of The Chicago Defender. CHAPTER I. SPIRITUAL EMANCIPATION OF NATIONS. The march of civilization is attended by strange influences. Providence which directs the advancement of mankind, moves in such mysterious ways that none can sense its design or reason out its import. Frequently the forces of evil are turned to account in defeating their own objects. Great tragedies, cruel wars, cataclysms of woe, have acted as enlightening and refining agents. Out of the famines of the past came experiences which inculcated the thrift and fore-handedness of today. Out of man's sufferings have come knowledge and fortitude. Out of pain and tribulation, the attribute of sympathy--the first spiritual manifestation instrumental in elevating the human above the beast.

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