- Aristophanes
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**Lysistrata** read by the Classics Drama Company at DePaul. The Classics Drama Company at DePaul is a new gathering of Thespians and Classicists dedicated to performing and understanding ancient literature. If you live in Chicago and attend DePaul University, we welcome new additions to our group. Contact Dr. Kirk Shellko (, if interested. First performed in classical Athens c. 411 B.C.E., Aristophanes’ **Lysistrata** is the original battle of the sexes. One woman, Lysistrata, brings together the women of all Greece, exhorting them to withhold sexual contact from all men in order that they negotiate a treaty. Double entendres abound as men of Greece attempt to keep Lysistrata and her prurient gang from putting an end to the Peloponnesian war. Notably risqué, this comic drama sheds light on gender relations in ancient Athens. **Lysistrata:** Courtney Nehls **Calonice:** Natalie Chavez **Myrrhine:** Thu Hien Pham **Lampito:** Nick Marotta **Stratyllis:** Maggie Hogan **Magistrate:** Ryan Keifer **Cinesias:** Neil Loomis **Spartan Herald:** Maggie Hogan **Envoys:** Maggie Hogan, Neil Loomis **Athenians:** Courtney Nehls, Natalie Chavez, Thu Hien Pham, Nicholas Marotta, Maggie Hogan, Neil Loomis, Kirk Shellko **Chorus of Women:** Courtney Nehls, Natalie Chavez, Thu Hien Pham, Maggie Hogan, Neil Loomis **Magistrate:** Ryan Keifer **Spartan Herald:** Maggie Hogan **Chorus of Old Men:** Nicholas Marotta, Ryan Keifer, Neil Loomis, Kirk Shellko, Maggie Hogan **Porter, Market Idlers, etc:** Nicholas Marotta, Maggie Hogan, Neil Loomis **Editor:** Kirk Shellko Translator is not named, but Jack Lindsay is commentator and Norman Lindsay is the illustrator.

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