American Philosophy Collection Vol. 2

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This recording is the second in an ongoing series of collections highlighting foundational articles in early 20th Century American philosophy. Volume 2 focuses on the debates surrounding the emergence of the so-called 'New Realism.' Inspired by the early works of the American pragmatists, the new realists opposed idealistic and transcendental metaphysics, and advocated for various forms of empirical and scientific naturalism. Track List: 01 - The Program and Platform of the Six Realists by Edwin B. Holt, Walter T. Marvin, W. P. Montague, Ralph Barton Perry, Walter B.Pitkin and Edward Gleason Spaulding 02 - The Egocentric Predicament by R. B. Perry 03 - Brief Studies in Realism I by John Dewey 04 - Brief Studies in Realism II by John Dewey 05 - The Inadequacy of ‘Natural’ Realism by Durant Drake 06 - Reflections of a Temporalist on the New Realism by A. O. Lovejoy 07 - Report of the Committee on Definitions of the American Philosophical Association by F. J. E. Woodbridge, Frank Thilly, Dickinson S. Miller, Arthur O. Lovejoy, W. P. Montague, and E. G. Spaulding 08 - The Relation of Consciousness to Object in Sense Perception by E. B. McGilvary 09 - The Relation of Consciousness to Object in Sense Perception by Frank Thilly 10 - Consciousness and Object by W. J. E. Woodbridge 11 - The New Realism by Morris Raphael Cohen

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