The Defiant Agents

- Andre Norton
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Giới thiệu:

Travis Fox and a band of fellow Apache AmerIndians have their racial memories and survival abilities enhanced by the Redax machine and are sent to the planet Topaz, one of the few worlds of the ancient star empire that the US has voyage tapes to. But the Reds have “snooped” the tapes and get there first, and have a nasty surprise waiting for any ship that does not have the proper identification. Travis and some of his fellow Apaches survive the ensuing crash landing…but can they defeat the Reds and win Topaz for themselves? This work is a sequel to both _The Time Traders_ and _Galactic Derelict_. It is book 3 in the Time Traders series by Andre Norton, which also includes _Key Out of Time_. Summary by Paul Williams. Read by R. J. Davis.

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