The Heavenly Life

- James Allen
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Many of us live with the belief that we can achieve heaven or the ultimate peace and happiness only in an after-life. Many of us believe that heaven is a place that is far removed from earth. However, The Heavenly Life by James Allen seeks to convince us that heaven and hell are both here on earth and they lie within our own selves. A deeply moving, insightful and philosophical book that explores the ideas of living with integrity, in harmony with our fellows and in finding the power of love and integrity, _The Heavenly Life_ was first published in 1903. Though not as well known as his most famous work, _As a Man Thinketh_, this book explores slightly more complex themes and attempts to reconcile modern-day ideas with spirituality. James Allen was a pioneer of the self-help movement. His books aimed to help people to help themselves. He did not believe in protectionism or copyright and allowed the free use of his works by anyone who cared to publish and benefit by them. _The Heavenly Life_ was originally part of a larger work, All These Things Added. This was a book in two parts, the first of which was titled Entering the Kingdom. The second section was titled The Heavenly Life but it can be read as a stand-alone text or in combination with the early sections. In this book, Allen discusses metaphysical ideas like _The Eternal Now, Perfect Love, Perfect Freedom, Greatness and Goodness, The “Original Simplicity” The Might of Meekness, Heaven in the Heart_, etc. The language is simple and the style is unembellished yet very effective. The chapters are short and more in the nature of meditations which can be read on a daily basis and pondered over during the day. A valuable addition to anyone who seeks a deeper and richer meaning in life.

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Joye Tabor Christiansen

Joye Tabor Christiansen: What a wonderful book. So relevant for today's troubles.

Miloushka Marie Sboui-Racamy

Miloushka Marie Sboui-Racamy: Awesome and inspiring book!! Nice voice and space!! I will not be the same as before!!

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