Intoxicated Ghost And Other Stories

- Arlo Bates
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Giới thiệu:

A charming collection of short stories, dealing with ghosts, magic, and other-worldly events that even the faint of heart will enjoy. 1\. The Intoxicated Ghost - a woman tries to outsmart a ghost to save the family from financial ruin. 2\. A Problem In Portraiture - can a man's portrait influence the man he becomes? 3\. Knitters In The Sun - will a father's curse keep two lovers apart? 4\. A Comedy In Crape - the death of the town playboy causes a dispute over who is entitled to be chief mourner 5\. A Meeting Of The Psychical Club - who is the hooded stranger, and are his powers real? 6\. Tim Calligan's Grave-Money - a poor man's final sacrifice 7\. Miss Gaylord and Jenny - who will ultimately be George's bride, Alice or her alter-ego? 8\. Dr. Polnitzski - a man in a no-win situation and his resolution 9\. In The Virginia Room - a Southern woman visits a Confederate War Museum on the anniversary of her husband's death and meets a Northerner. Can she forgive?

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