National Geographic Magazine Vol. 05

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National Geographic Magazine Volume 5, articles published in 1893. Contents: * Discoverers of America: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. Hubbard * The Movements of our Population * Rainfall Types of the United States: Annual Report by Vice-President General A. W. Greely * The Natural Bridge of Virginia * The geographical Position and Height of Mount Saint Elias * The Improvement of Geographical Teaching * An undiscovered Island off the northern Coast of Alaska * The Geologist at Blue Mountain, Maryland * The great populous Centers of the World * Our youngest Volcano * Proceedings of the International Geographic Conference in Chicago, July 27-28, 1893: * The Relations of Air and Water to Temperature and Life * The Relations of Geography to History * Norway and the Vikings * Geographic Instruction in the public Schools * The Relations of Geology to Physiography in our educational System * The Relations of the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current * The arid Regions of the United States * Recent Explorations in Alaska * The Caravels of Columbus * In the Wake of Columbus * Recent Disclosures concerning pre-Columbian Voyages to America in the Archives of the Vatican * Early Voyages along the northwestern Coast of America

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