National Geographic Magazine Vol. 06

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Giới thiệu:

National Geographic Magazine Volume 6, articles published from January, 1894, to May, 1895. * Geographic Progress of Civilization - Annual Address by the President Honorable Gardiner G. Hubbard * Shawangunk Mountain, by N. H. Darton * Weather Making, Ancient and Modern, by Mark W. Harrington * Geomorphology of the Southern Appalachians, by Charles Willard Hayes and Marius R. Campbell * The Battle of the Forest, by B. E. Fernow * Surveys and Maps of the District of Columbia, by Marcus Baker * The first Landfall of Columbus, by Jacques W. Redway, F. R. G. S. * Japan, by D.W. Stevens * Geography of the Air, Annual Address by the Vice-President, General A. W. Greely * Sir Francis Drake's Anchorage, by Edward L. Berthoud * Note on the Height of Mount Saint Elias, by Professor Israel C. Russell * Geographic Notes, by Cyrus C. Babb (The Antarctic Continent - Magnetic Observation in Iceland, Jan Mayen and Spitzbergen in 1892 - A New Light on the Discovery of America - Monographs of the National Geographic Sociaty - Important Announcement Concerning Essays) * Laws of the Temperature Control of the Geographic Distribution of Terrestrial Animals and Plants. Annual Address by Vice-President Dr. C. Hart Merriam. * Oregon: Its History, Geography, and Resources, by John H. Mitchell.

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