Whose Body?

- Dorothy L. Sayers
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Giới thiệu:

The first novel in her renowned series of detective fiction, Sayers introduces Lord Peter Wimsey, a bon vivant gentleman, whose hobby of playing detective is put to the test, as he is launched into his first official crime investigation. The mystery begins when the body of an unidentified man has been found in the bathtub of local architect Mr. Thipps. Adding to the peculiarity of the situation is the fact that the corpse is stark naked except for a pair of expensive pince-nez glasses. Due to the incriminating circumstances of the murder, the official investigator suspects Thipps to be the perpetrator of the bizarre murder. At the same time a well-known financier Sir Reuben Levy also goes missing, supposed to have disappeared from his very own bedroom. Wimsey hears the news about the body discovered in Thipps’ apartment after receiving a distressed call from his mother, who asks him to help solve the mystery and prove Thipps’ innocence. Consequently, Wimsey takes it upon himself to unravel the truth behind the mysteriously disposed corpse, whilst also investigating the disappearance of Levy. Investigators are also put up against quite the challenge, as they are presented with juxtaposing circumstances. Although apparent that the man found in the bath is not Levy, Wimsey insists the two cases are somehow related and continues to develop this theory. Escalating in brilliance with every turn of the page, the novel presents an enthralling mystery plot which prompts the audience to bring out their inner detective and work alongside Wimsey to piece together the events surrounding the two cases. Furthermore, Sayers offers a generous array of distinctive characters including the sophisticated Wimsey, his talented servant Bunter, and his witty mother, the Dowager Duchess of Denver. A compelling whodunit, the novel marks the debut of the endearing gentleman detective Wimsey, and initiates the beginning of the many investigations dependent on his sleuthing expertise.

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